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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our 24 hr prayer

Friday night several of our people prayed through the night in 1 hr shifts. This was inspired by the 24-7 prayer movement and even though we have not yet achieved the 7 day aspect, 24hr prayer has become part of our DNA at CCBC. We have different stations set up to help focus prayer on different things like prayer requests, prayer for missionaries, prayer for local issues, prayer for congregation. There is also music, candles, coffee anything that can help with the experience of prayer. Most people's first reaction to praying for 1 hr is "I wouldn't know how to pray so long" or" I couldn't stay up and pray late in the night". The opposite is true, most people actually say 1 hr is not enough. We now have people who book 3 hrs at a time and prefer the late night/ early morning shift and these are getting to be the most popular times in the prayer room.

Next time consider joining us in prayer we may be able to put together a whole weekend of unbroken prayer.