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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 2 Day 2 matt 16-19

Todays reading reminds us that Jesus calls us to become like children, to have humility (Matt 18:4). We seem to see leadership as an advantage as something to aspire to (just look at the recent events in Canberra).

The Kingdom that Jesus began with his life, Death and resurrection is an upside down kingdom where the meek inherit the earth where the children have the right answers and the leaders are servants. I wonder why so many Christians still work under this worlds way of doing Kingdom rather than Jesus' way of doing kingdom. Of course sin is the obvious response. Not sin in the impersonal "something that is out of my control which  I accidentally find myself in"style that we like to write off. But the sin where we still want to control our lives because handing over control to God is a sign of weakness. No wonder Jesus sets out a very clear conflict resolution guide to follow.

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