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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last week of the Lent reading challenge tues

Jesus washes the disciples feet ! What kind of king lowers himself to do a servants job? Did Jesus have the gift of foot washing? Of course no such thing exists he is showing that when something needs doing we should get on with it and get our hands dirty. Being a follower of Jesus does not give us privilege but gives us responsibility.

I am often asked about the title reverend, MY view is that this is a way of keeping us accountable by being ordained I am accountable not only to my local church but to all Baptists and not only South Australia but to the whole of Australia and for that matter not only to Baptists but to the wider Church. By being ordained I have put myself under the authority of all true followers of Christ. I am their servant just as the apostle Paul was, does this diminish the leadership of Paul? I don't think it did !

The other dimension of this is also allowing others to serve us! That can be pretty hard cant it? Peter found it difficult to let Jesus serve him. We need others around us, we serve each other and we are accountable to each other.

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