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Monday, November 9, 2015

An international experience of prayer and worship.

In the last month I have been on 10 flights (in 4 countries), 4 long distance trains,  2 international bus trips, 2 Christian conferences and preached in 3 different countries.

There is just so much to process about the whole experience. But I will try to pass on some of the things I have learned.

I am grateful for a home church that allowed me to be away for 1 month to work overseas in this way I have grown spiritually and emotionally in my time away!

I have been reminded that Churches are very similar all over the world. The faces may be different and some of the songs are new(many are the same) but in general the churches are full of people trying their best to follow Jesus  and serve him in his Kingdom.

One of the highlights of the trip was the worship time at St Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna for the 24-7 conference (you can catch a glimpse of it HERE ). Over 4000 people from all over the world, from all the different Christian denominations, together worshipping one God with one voice. This proves to me that no matter our differences we can all be a part of the kingdom and we all have a unique part to play in the body of Christ.

Church buildings can become monuments to mankind's construction ability and end up as tourist attractions or they can be a house of Prayer and Worship! which one are we?

More on 24-7 and church unity HERE from Christianity today!

Watch the entire service HERE

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