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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 2 day 4 gospel challenge

Matt 24-25 be "ready" what does that mean? I dont need to "DO" anything for my salvation do I ? We certainly need to be ready so that we are prepared for the day that Jesus comes again.

Just as a pilot practices his craft over and over and over again with monotonous repetition, so that it becomes more than second nature it becomes instinct. One day he might find a bird flies into his engine and in 3 minutes from take off he needs to crash land his plane in the busiest city in the world. His training and discipline will determine how many passengers survive and how many dont. It doesnt matter that at some stage he got a licence to fly , what matters is his character and his commitment to do what has become second natureor instinct.( for the real story read here

We too need to practise our "craft" and become discipled to Jesus so that when we are called into action we can be ready. Ready to use our character, second nature or instinct for God. We need to be ready.

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