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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 4 tueday acts 1-4

I love Peter the apostle I love the fact that he speaks before he engages his brain , I love the fact that when he makes mistakes he makes massive ones and when he gets things wrong he gets them coloosally wrong. Not the kind of person you would make a leader in your church.

But in Acts we see a different person he stands up as the(or a) leader of the early church, he preaches the first sermon after Jesus ressurection a sermon with power and authority, he stands up to the cheif priests and when they tell him to stop (unlike Pilate) he says NO. What happened to change this man?

He was a witness to the death and ressurection of Jesus the King! He knows that the kingdom of God has truly come and he knows that he can do nothing elses.

How much do we GET the kingdom of God?

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