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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 5 tuesday Lent Gospel challenge

Acts 21-24
Pauls friends plead with him not to go to Jeusalem, they fear he will be killed by the authorities. But his reply is that "if my life will be taken because I stand up for what I believe then I am ready for that" ( my interpretetation). In my opinion I dont see many people saying that they will stand up for what they believe. In fact most people go to church wanting to hear that the Bible vindicates their way of life so that they can go on their way and continue to live as they see fit. Whereas God calls us to do as he sees fit wether that is something we want to do or not. Not many of us( in the West ) will be asked to give up our physical life for faith, however we are definately called to give up our authority over our own life and give that to God!

I am reading a lot of Bonhoeffer at the moment. One of the many things that stand out to me about him, was that he had an oppourtunity to stay in America and fight Hitler from there in safety but he chose to return to Germany in the full knowledge that he may die in his quest to lead the confessing church. But he said he could not in all good conscience be part of the rebuilding of his beloved Germany if he did not suffer with his people during their time of need.

How often do we choose suffering ahead of security?

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