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Friday, March 16, 2012

Week 4 friday lent gospel challenge Acts 13-16

Ahhh Paul what a character! I wish i was a s zealous as he is some times.

It is difficult to make Hard and fast rules based on what paul does and says, for instance he goes to jerusalem to advocate on behalf of gentiles so the need not be circumcised. Then he makes sure Timothy is circumcised before he comes with him on his journey. So do we get circumcised or not? I believe Paul was an expert at "not causing his weaker brother to sin" if timothys uncircumcision was a problem for those around he needed to be circumcised. If it was a problem for people to support his mininsty he worked as a tentmaker , but he believed that a leader deserved his wages. "to the jew i became a jew to the greeks a greek etc". Do we put too many blocks in front of our brothers/sisters? You must do this or that or act this way?

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