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Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 6 friday the woman at the well

The woman at the well.

it has always interested me that in this story too many pastors label this woman as promiscuous and sinful. It is always dangerous to import our 21st century ideals into a 1st century context.

In this culture it was almost impossible for a woman to divorce a man it is unlikely she was the instigator of the divorces. The most common reason for divorces was barrenness or the inability to bear children(there was no IVF). so even if we assume that the five previous marriages were divorces ( there could have been husbands who possibly died) then she is quite possibly a victim of them.

If Jesus is pointing out sin he does not say at anytime your sin is forgiven or does he ask for repentance. When she goes and tells the town they listen to her (she must have some influence). The amazing thing is that Jesus knew about her situation and valued her as she was. Which is quite possibly the first time a man has truly valued her.

In every text it is best that we remember the culture that it was written and not try to import our own understanding into it.

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