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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week 6 Thursday John's Gospel

John really does have a different way of describing the Good news of the coming kingdom of Jesus. Most people when they think of John's Gospel think immediately of John 3:16, but one of my favorite passages is chapter 2:1-12 the wedding at Cana.

Jesus was not a sourpuss who looked down on the everyday lives of people he actually went to parties. At this party he turns water into wine and not just any wine but by the standard of the day it was the best wine possible! I grew up in a Baptist church and a Baptist home. We Baptists are infamous for being teetotalers but not in my family we were Germans so there never was any problem with moderate alcohol consumption. It seems like Jesus didn't have a problem with it either he obviously knew what good wine was and had no problem by supplying alcohol to this party!

Jesus was up for a laugh why are so many of his people the exact opposite?

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